ATE-testing, Embedded Hardware & Software

AB-venture is a solution provider, specialized in ATE-testing, Embedded Hardware & Software development and PCB-design.


AB-venture can assist you in several ways with your ATE challenges.
We can advice you on test-time reductions, the setup of a multi-site solution, mixed-mode testing, multi-device setups and all kind of other challenges you might experience.
We also can create a complete test solution from scratch.


Embedded Hardware & Software Development
AB-venture can develop a complete Embedded solution for you, from scratch up-to production if needed.
For the development of our solutions, we use state of the art tools to do the simulations, schematic entry and PCB design. We use our partners for the PCB production and assembly.


When you have a solution but are not able to do the PCB-design yourself, AB-venture can help you to do the PCB design. We can develop multilayer board with fine-pitch components for you.


About AB-venture
AB-venture is a very flexible company who will try to help you the best we can. If we are not able to do it ourself, we will use our partners and try to find a solution for your challenges.
We can work as a sub-contractor or project-based.

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