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catalystATE-testing stands for the production test of chips. Chips need to be tested carefully to guarantee the quality of the chips before shipment to the customer. On the other hand, test-time is also very important to keep the cost of production as low as possible and the yield should be as high as possible. There are several techniques to reach these goals like, multi-site testing which means several chips are tested in parallel. Also the optimization of tests and the integration of a test circuit on-chip can help to reach your goal.

Since the complexity of chips is increasing, the complexity of the test solution is increasing as well. Ever increasing techniques like mixed-mode, digital and high frequency are combined on a single chip and by the integration of micro-controllers the number of variants in a product family is increasing. 


What can AB-venture do for you:

We can advise you on:

  • test-time reduction
  • implementation of a multi-site solution
  • mixed mode testing
  • how to gain test-time by the integration of test-techniques on-chip
  • development of the test hardware
  • multi-device support
  • repeatability
  • setup of your program
  • setup of a flexible environment
  • setup of a multi-user environment

We can also offer you a complete test-solution, from scratch up-to production.
When only the hardware of software is needed, we can arrange that as well.
We have the knowledge in-house to create a complete test-solution on Teradyne Image-based platforms, like Catalyst, A575, etc. When a solution on another platform is needed, we will try to offer this to you with the help of one of our partners.

We can also modify your existing solution on the following:

  • test-time reduction
  • implementation of a multi-site solution
  • multi-device support
  • repeatability

For all you other challenges in the field of ATE testing, we would like to meet and discuss on how we can help.

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