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Embedded Hardware & Software Development

Embedded Hardware & Software stands for a complete solution in the field of electronics.
Nowadays the electronics becomes more and more complex. To handle this complexity, micro-controllers and programmable logic is used. Complex software is running on these systems, making the electronics flexible and powerful. 


What can AB-venture do for you:

AB-venture can develop the complete Embedded solution for you, from idea up-to production.
We can offer you a complete solution, which exist of the hardware, programmable logic and software which run on the micro-controller. 

If you desire, we can also do a part of the development process for you.


How are we working:

First we will make a specification of the product together with you, so it is clear for everyone what is needed.
Hereafter we will define the best strategy: what to do in hardware, programmable logic or software. With our knowledge on all of these fields, we can oversee the whole field and define the optimal partitioning. 

The next phase is the design phase.  Depending on the solution, this will exist of simulations, fpga/cpld design, schematic entry and PCB-design. Hereafter the PCB will be produced, components will be mounted and the solution will be debugged. Depending on the complexity an evaluation on prototypes will be planned.
During the development we will have several reviews.

The software development is started during the development of the hardware. The software will be debugged once the hardware is available.

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