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PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. Most of the components are mounted on the PCB and most of the electrical interconnections are made on the PCB.  During the development of a PCB the type of electronics and the type of signals should be taken into account. Other phenomenons like, cross-talk, EMC, impedance-matching, grounding, reflections, mechanical restriction, etc. should also be taken into account.


What can AB-venture do for you:

AB-venture can do the complete PCB-design for you. We will take all of the phenomenons, mentioned above, into account. Depending on your wishes, we can also assemble prototypes for you. 


How are we working:

First we will make a specification of the product together with you, so it is clear for everyone what is needed.
Hereafter we will create schematics of your design, so we have an electrical check between the schematics and the PCB-design. After the review of the schematics, the PCB-design will start. When the PCB-design is finished a final review is done and the production of the PCB is started.

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